Bureau d'étude Equip Event


We develop solutions to design your project in a feasible manner while fully complying to your specifications.

We calculate the cost of each piece and the structure as a whole. For your security we use a control office for the validation and verification of the estimate.


Réalisation d'un prototype de siège ou fauteuil par la société Equip Event


We offer the creation of a prototype so that you can gauge the real size of the structure, whether it is a grandstand, stadium seating or scaffolding for a show. Once this step has been validated, we then proceed to the manufacture of the entire structure.

Contrôle des produits par notre équipe Equip Event


Not only do we take care of the checks performed on each part throughout manufacture, we also monitor the assembly of the structure as a whole. In this way, we guarantee the safety of the public, whether they use performance hall or stadium grandstand seats.

Pose de fauteuils de théâtre à Fresnay-sur-Sarthe


We manage the entire installation of your structure, including the disposition, mapping out, topographical survey and the fitting out. All of our assembly services are carried out by our personnel, ensuring that you benefit from quality service and a single point of contact in the event of issues. We provide flawless after-sales support.