Contrôle des produits par notre équipe Equip Event

Our technical services

Offering more than 20 years of experience in the development of your sporting and cultural facilities in France and abroad.

Seat installation

Thanks to our 20-year experience in the supply and installation of stadium seats, we developed great skills in the installation field.

In order to guarantee an optimal quality of service, our company offers to install all the seats and chairs it supplies.

Numbering and signage installation

Inextricably linked to the installation of stadium seats, the supply and installation of signage and numbering is the logical continuation of our range of services. To offer you a ready for use service, EQUIP EVENT supplies and installs: Riveted or self-adhesive seat and row numbering, Tactile paving stones, Contrasting risers, Non-slip stair nosing, Signage for disabled persons spots, Any other customised signage.

Chairs restoration

Would you like to give your chairs a new lease of life if the fabric, foam, and mechanism have deteriorated over time? EQUIP EVENT has the expertise to refurbish your old theater, cinema, and amphitheater chairs.

We work with trusted partners who will be able to recreate your chair as it was originally!

Site coordination

In addition to our expertise in the supply and installation of seats, chairs, and signage, we have an absolute knowledge of major complex event projects.

Therefore, we can offer you our services for the coordination of your large-scale event projects.

We offer our products and services throughout France and abroad, allowing you to make the most of our expertise no matter your location. At Equip Event, we provide and guarantee customised solutions for your private or corporate events, and for your cultural or sporting facilities. 

Our goal is to provide the best possible solutions to project holders no matter the complexity. With short response times, and controlled turnaround times, responsiveness is our strength.

Equip Event is by your side throughout the entire project, from the initial idea to the physical implementation of your event or facility. All the solutions that we offer are then set up on site by our team. A turnkey service that ensures you excellent monitoring from a single point of contact , and a quality of service that we certify. 

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