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Modular grandstand / collapsible grandstand

The grandstands offered by Equip Event are designed without screws or bolts thanks to a self-locking mechanism, that eliminates the risk of oversights and reduces assembly time. If you are dealing with limited or reduced space, we will optimise our modular grandstands and provide you with a maximum number of seats while complying with safety standards. The base jacks and the design of the parts allow the grandstands to adapt to uneven grounds, and to be assembled on steep slopes. Thanks to its unique and well thought out design, our collapsible stands and mobile grandstands are assembled without the use of screws or bolts, with a simple locking mechanism that facilitates assembly and disassembly. 100% of the grandstand components are recyclable and our building sites generate little waste (5L), which is systematically collected and disposed of. If you have storage space, we offer racks for stacking and storing grandstand components. Our extremely simple assembly mechanism for our grandstands, without the use of screws or bolts, allows for minimum assembly/disassembly times.

Mobile grandstand 

The mobile grandstand allows you to quickly set up seating rows for varying spectator capacities. These 1.8 m stand units on swivel casters can easily be relocated and assembled to fit your desired layout. With these 2- to 6-row mobile grandstands and mixed stair/seating units, the layout is up to you. The mobile grandstands are stored vertically and take up little space. Our mobile grandstands are available with accessories such as railings, sheet steel side panels, a wide range of epoxy paint colours or standard galvanised steel finish. 

Fixed grandstand 

Our customised fixed grandstand solutions allow you to create a grandstand within any space. It is the ideal solution to meet the requirements of your more complex projects. These fixed grandstands are an assembly of fixed legs risers of different heights, some of which can be customised to suit your space constraints. We offer you a customised product while meeting applicable standards. The customised fixed grandstands offered by Equip Event are perfect for non-standard spaces such as barns, historical buildings, which may have unusual layouts. A clamp system allows our grandstand to stay in place over time. The steps are customised according to the determined landing heights. We offer complete grandstand casing with anti-slip multilayer plywood. These fixed grandstands are made to support padded seats, with a load resistance of up to 750 kg/m2. 

Retractable grandstands 

The retractable grandstands provide a clever seat-stowing solution that seamlessly folds into the wall of a gym, multi-purpose hall or performance hall. These grandstands allow you to optimise space and modify your seating capacity. The gas springs allow for easy storage of all the units and railings of the grandstand.