Collapsible stand

Tribune démontable et modulaire
Our collapsible stands are designed without screws or bolts thanks to a self-locking mechanism, that eliminates the risk of oversights and reduces assembly time. If you are dealing with limited or reduced space, we will optimise our modular grandstands and provide you with a maximum number of seats while complying with safety standards. The base jacks and the design of the parts allow the grandstands to adapt to uneven grounds, and to be assembled on steep slopes. Thanks to its unique and well thought out design, our collapsible stands and mobile grandstands are assembled without the use of screws or bolts, with a simple locking mechanism that facilitates assembly and disassembly. 100% of the grandstand components are recyclable and our building sites generate little waste (5L), which is systematically collected and disposed of. If you have storage space, we offer racks for stacking and storing grandstand components. Our extremely simple assembly mechanism for our grandstands, without the use of screws or bolts, allows for minimum assembly/disassembly times. They are collapsible and configurable to a number of layouts, adapting to each requirement.