191 high-end armchairs for the André-Voisin theatre

Published : 19/01/2023 Our realisations
Pose de fauteuils de théâtre à Fresnay-sur-Sarthe 5

WE’RE ALL THE BUZZ! Our project of 191 high-end armchairs for the André-Voisin theatre in the town of Fresnay-sur-Sarthe was featured in an article of the Ouest France newspaper which you can read here

Also, find out more about the armchair that was used over here. 

In the context of our collaboration with the Chamber of commerce for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and their support for the development of our company’s export activities, I was able to conduct an interview that you will find right here. It is a great opportunity to present our field of expertise, our values and our ambitions, all while allowing you to have a better understanding of Equip Event! 

Shortage of cultural offer? Lack of dynamics in the region? Consequence of history? Or budget constraints? ❓

There are many reasons for the empty halls and stadiums that can be found all over the world. These are often architectural gems, places full of history that today are completely abandoned.

 Vestiges that will sadly be lost to time… Only urban explorers, horror film aficionados and curious souls come glance upon these sad derelict structures.

The Peter Gruben Ballroom in Germany, the Steinert Music Hall, the Palace Theatre, the Variety Theatre, the Eastown Theatre, the Proctor’s Palace Roof Theatre and many others in the United States, as well as the Stadium de Vitrolles in France, the Music School in Ukraine, to name a few: 

We are present on page 34 of the digital catalogue of the sport industry edited by Business France and supported by the Minister of Sports (France). A great for opportunity for Equip Event to expand abroad! 

The choice of setting up a sporting or cultural structures is a major challenge today and requires that many variables are taken into account. Bring renewed life to the region and create unison around an entity to help make it attractive and to develop it – that was the idea behind the decision to build the Stade de France in the Plaine-Saint-Denis district in 1995.