COVID-19 protective cover for the general public

Published : 19/01/2023 Our realisations Seat covers

In this end of lockdown period marked by the resumption of activity, we offer players in the cultural and sporting world (cinema, theatre, stadium, performance hall, etc.) a range of products designed to enforce the barrier gestures of your audience during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis.


These products present different uses in terms of sanitary protection

  • Anti-viral cover (kills the virus without any action on your part)
  • Single-use and disposable cover
  • Waterproof protective cover that can be cleaned

Compliance with barrier gestures 

  • Close off every other armchair / seat of a row (compliance with safety distances)

Our range of products offer different material solutions to protect your audience from the Coronavirus: 

  • Standard elastic strip
  • Customised cover (complete dressing of armchair or cover to keep the armchair sealed)
  • Signage upon request (STOP PANEL, WARNING SIGN, ETC.)