Podium and stage

Control room and light tower

Tour régie et lumière
Scaffolding to create “light” and “sound” control rooms for various performances.
  • Access to the top of the control room is done through trapdoor floors,
  • Ballast structures for perfect stability,
  • Option to weatherproof the control room with tarpaulins above and on the sides.
  Given the specific nature of the product, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or for pricing. Scaffold stage The scaffold stage allows to create assemblies of varying complexity. The scaffolding is made up of vertical posts placed on jacks or casters, which can be fitted together according to the desired height. They are connected by horizontal and diagonal connecting pieces with pins on each end to be fixed to the upright brackets.
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Options :

  • various supports: jacks, casters, wedges, etc.
  • stairs with railing,
  • sound tower linked to the stage,
  • access ramp for equipment or people with reduced mobility,
  • stage cover,
  • storage racks, carriages.