Fold-up seat

Fold-up seat

Strapontin en tissu avec rembourrage et système de pliage optimale pour l'économie de place dans les théâtres et les salles de spectacle.
These aisle fold-up seats allow you to increase your performance hall’s seating capacity without cluttering the aisle thanks to its smart space-saving design. Fold-up seat with small outer dimensions that allow to optimise hall seating capacity. These fold-up seats complement the end of seating rows. The seat and backrest are synchronised and connected by a shaft system. The backrest and seat are raised by a torsion spring. The small outer dimensions of these fold-up seats allow them to comply with articles AM18 and L28 of ERP regulations. The aisle fold-up seats are factory-adapted to any type of floor: flat, sloping, reverse-slope, etc. The central steel pedestal forms a solid and durable unit that is perfectly suited to the requirements of intensive use in a cinema or performance hall.

A flat load-bearing structure in 15 mm high-density moulded beech plywood that is not sourced from protected forests.

Cold moulded PU CMHR foam with a density of 45 kg/m3 for the backrest and 50 kg/m3 for the seat.

A fabric cover with a zip to facilitate maintenance.

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