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Polaris armchair


Customized Seating for Cinema-Goers

Discover the POLARIS, the central pedestal chair specially tailored for cinemas, offering unmatched comfort and an exceptional viewing experience. With its shared armrest between two seats and intertie-reinforced adjustable seat, the POLARIS seamlessly combines functionality and elegance to create an optimal cinematic environment.

Crafted to meet the needs of the most discerning movie enthusiasts, the POLARIS provides a seat spacing of 500 to 550 mm, with the option for other spacings upon request, ensuring personalized comfort for every viewer. Additionally, with a backrest height of 880 to 900 mm on flat ground, the POLARIS ensures optimal support for a stress-free viewing experience.

Choose the POLARIS and immerse yourself in a cinematic journey where comfort, style, and functionality converge to create unforgettable memories with every screening.


Backrest : PEFC molded wood, polyurethane foam, polyester velvet fabric
Seat : Metal structure, polyurethane foam, polyester velvet fabric
Armrests : High-density plywood, CMHR foam, polyester velvet fabric
Base : Metal casing with epoxy coating


Spacing : 500 to 550 mm (other spacings available upon request)
Backrest height on flat ground : 880 to 900 mm

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