Fold-up seats

ABM seat

Siège de stade rabattable ABM
The ABM fold-up stand chair is a staple in the world of grandstand equipment. The seat’s tip-up system allows it to be mounted on telescopic grandstands. The ABM stadium seat is a fold-up seat, for universal use and for all types of stands. It follows FIFA/UEFA recommendations for high category stadiums. This seat is ideal for metal, collapsible, retractable or telescopic stands. The entire seat can be folded thanks to a counterweight or spring system (optional). This fold-up seat is perfect for heavy-use areas, thanks to the strength provided by the reinforcing beams (injection-moulded in polymer matrix composites, fibreglass reinforced) inserted at the back of the shells. The metal frame is made up of hollow steel sections that are cold-rolled, hot galvanised or treated with a cataphoretic coating and then painted in polyester with oven polymerisation.

Opening: 450 mm
Depth: 520 mm
Backrest height: 380 mm.

More informations

Option :
– Armrests
– Numbering
– Padding
– Logo on padded backrest