Fold-up seats

Avatar Suite fold-up seat

Siège de gradin rabattable AVATAR SUITE
An armchair-style fold-up stadium seat with imitation leather upholstery. The Avatar Suite fold-up seat pushes the boundaries of the stadium seat in terms of innovation. The Avatar fold-up seat, Suite version, is recommended for preferential seating sections in first-class stadiums or for  VIP sections in sporting venues.  The dimensions of the backrest are larger for increased spectator comfort. The seat has a tip-up base and is compact. When folded, it extends only 215 mm over the row passage, making it easier for spectators to pass through the stands. (300 mm with the armrests). This seat shares the same design as the other products from the Avatar range, with a padded and upholstered finish. The design takes into consideration the recommended average anthropometric measurements (50%), with the correct backrest inclination angle in relation to the seat at the ideal depth and with a softened front edge that extends downwards to improve spectator comfort. Additionally, the seat allows for greater freedom of movement and shifting of positions thanks to its spacious design that helps support the body.

The seat and backrest are composed of an internal steel frame covered with polyurethane injected foam, with a minimum density of 50 kg/m3. It is entirely upholstered with highly weather-resistant imitation leather.


Opening: 545 mm
Depth: 560 mm
Height of backrest: 530 mm

More informations

Armrests integrated into the backrest, injected with high-strength fibreglass polyamide, to improve spectator comfort without affecting the folding of the seat.
Metal armrests fixed on the fastening rail.
Cup-holder fixed on the fastening rail and independent of the seat. (In polyamide + fibreglass)
Numbering resistant to vandalism.