Highly-experienced in the matter, Equip Event accompanies you in the audits of existing cultural and sporting facilities to check that safety and accessibility standards for disabled people are respected within the framework of your development projects. 

Pose de fauteuils de théâtre à Fresnay-sur-Sarthe


We are able to offer you qualified and certified personnel in order to train and accompany your teams in the assembly of grandstands, scaffolding, podiums, stages and covered structures. Training is carried directly on site for greater and more efficient assimilation of the skills and knowledge required for the proper assembly of the structures and products we offer. 

Sécurité sur les chantiers et montage avec Equip Event


We transmit all our know-how in safety and European standard compliance. Equip Event offers the rental and sale of equipment necessary to setting up grandstands and podiums in complete safety for cultural and sporting events. 

We adapt to your requirements when equipping stadiums, sport halls and schools, or when designing a new outdoor structure.